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About Me:The mortgage business is what I have been deeply involved with and passionate for over 8 years. I have shared my work experience with  a few great mortgage banks and brokerage companies throughout my career. I am currently employed by one of the most product and service balanced banks in the country, Mid America Mortgage. Below is a brief list of items which sets Mid America Mortgage apart from most banks operating in the U.S.

  • We retain certain mortgages, which gives us expanded lending capability
  • Scenario Desk – answers to all underwriting questions and scenarios without having to pour through pages of guidelines or call Fannie Mae
  • Own Appraisal Ordering Department
  • Fast Underwriting Turn-Times normally 2-3 days
  • In-House Closer to ensure closing goes smoothly
  • Generous Lock Extension Policy
  • Rate Re-negotiation Policy
  • Full Mortgage product line
  • Same Day Funding’s
  • In-House processing to ensure no time is lost throughout the transaction

Mid America Mortgage

A truly great mortgage bank with an experienced and professional staff. Mid America Mortgage has the entire operation center based out of one office which makes transactions flow smoothly until closing. Because we control the entire process, there are never surprises for our clients and transaction partners. With a wide arrange of products coupled with great service, Mid America Mortgage can guarantee a purchase or refinance mortgage process along with great rates and great communication with all.

Why Contact Us??

We can get you a quick quote, answer any guideline questions and we will not add your email address to any kind of marketing or email drip campaign. We have access to as many programs as any bank in Texas and have a choice of a wide range of lenders.

Josh Kohl
Mid America Mortgage
12001 W. Parmer Ln. Suite 250
Cedar Park, TX 78613
Office – 512 342 1069
Fax – 512 592 7971
NMLS – 226972